Thursday, 2 June 2011

Eye Tattoo Designs

Thursday, 2 June 2011


Heart Tattoo Designs

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The heart tattoo designs, tattoos, some of the most popular since the 90s. The main reason for these designs are so popular today because they are easy to make and adapt. This means that you are a beautiful tattoo with a lot of meaning behind.But the real power of the image of a dagger through the heart is the combination of two symbols which are well known in their own right. The heart has long represented the seat of the emotions and the very core of a person, as far back in time as early Egypt where it figured prominently in the fate of the soul in the afterlife. Of course today and probably worldwide, we particularly associate it with love, especially romantic love. Similarly, the dagger is not just any weapon. It long ago became the stealthy weapon of choice for assassins since it was easily concealed and quiet. As such, it inflicted much more than just a stab wound, carrying with it an additional sense of betrayal and hurt, since the attacker had to be close to be effective. So, the heart-with-dagger tattoo is essentially the heart in great pain, perhaps mortally wounded, sometimes a love betrayed, and sometimes even a sacrifice made. Whether the bearer of this striking tattoo is choosing to convey a religious conviction, an injury received, or giving us advance notice of what we can expect, there is no mistaking the emotional impact that is the center of this tattoo symbol.

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Heart Tattoo Ideas

As you may have been able to guess, heart tattoos commonly symbolize love. This is a tradition that started over a thousand years ago, and has persisted through today. One of the most popular designs that has been a running joke in Hollywood for quite some time is the famous heart tattoo with the “Mom” across the front. This tattoo is commonly warn by bikers in comedy movies and television shows. The reason that the heart began to symbolize love, is because the heart was shaped like an upside down triangle. This became a symbol for feminine, because it was often repented as the pubic triangle. There are many different types of heart tattoos that people commonly tattoo on themselves. The heart is a great tattoo for many people because it can be small and fit on many different areas of the body. 
Searching for good tattoos for girls has become a process that not many women look forward to. If you have had the privilege of looking for decent artwork online, you know just how difficult of a process it can be to pull up even "one" fresh gallery. Most females won't even find that one, which is a real shame. I know why it happens and how to fix it though, so you can finally grab the good tattoos for girls that you are after.
I started looking into this situation when a female friend of mine started telling me that she was looking for her next tattoo online. She began chatting about how she couldn't find any real quality drawn artwork. All she was seeing was generic junk and cookie cutter type designs. That's when I took it upon myself to look into why she couldn't find galleries that had good tattoos for girls.

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Heart Tattoo On Hand